Sherman Hill Vintage

This is Sherman Hill backdated to the 1950s. I first started working on this project back in June of 2015 and have reached a state where I believe I can share the route with others. I have taken the default Sherman Hill route and re-imagined the route with both track and scenery changes to be as it was in the mid – late 1950s, just after the Harriman expansion. Although I have spent a long while researching and making the route as accurate as possible, there are most likely a large number of inaccuracies. I hope that I have created a believable experience and any major historical blunders can be overlooked.


Picture from “Sherman Hill” by James L. Ehernberger and Francis G. Gschwind

  • Trackage updated to mid-1950s:
    • Single lines from Laramie to Hermosa
    • Underpass of westbound trackage at Hermosa
    • Expanded Laramie Yard with Roundhouse
    • Expanded Cheyenne Roundhouse
    • Expanded Sherman with Depot and Wye
    • Expanded Harriman
  • Steam facilities recreated:
    • Cheyenne, Laramie, Boire, Harriman, Sherman, Hermosa (and more!)
  • Scenery updated:
    • Accurate vehicles and traffic (thanks RWA)
    • Removal of large industries
    • Additional wildlife
    • Removal of interstate system
    • Removal of Concrete Ties
    • Expanded Cheyenne Station
    • Mileposts
    • Harriman Construction Equipment


I tried to make the requirements list as small as possible, but because of the limited amount of assets for this time period, I had to make use of many different addons. All of the addons are necessary for full scenery to be rendered. I have used assets extensively from all those listed here.

  1. Train Simulator
  2. RSC Sherman Hill
  3. RSC Horseshoe Curve
  4. RSC US Loco/Asset Pack
  5. Clear Creek Narrow Gauge
  6. VNHRR
  7. RWA Lakeside


  1. Download the package below
  2. Copy the “Assets” and “Content” folders to your main Railworks Folder
  3. Find the route “Sherman Hill 1950s”


At this time I’ve included two Quick Drive scenarios. I have not yet incorporated AI traffic but may do so at a later date.

There are six different starting locations:

  • Cheyenne Yard
    • West to Laramie over Track 1
  • Cheyenne Yard – Harriman
    • West to Laramie using the Harriman Cutoff (Track 3)
  • Cheyenne Station
    • West to Laramie over Track 1
  • Cheyenne Station – Harriman
    • West to Laramie over the Harriman Cutoff (Track 3)
  • Laramie Yard
    • East to Cheyenne over Track 2
  • Laramie Station
    • East to Cheyenne over Track 2



Click here to download the Route:

Sherman Hill 1950s v1.01


1.01 – Removed additional references to non-required scenery items. Expanded Laramie/Cheyenne Station platforms.
1.0 – Initial Release


Future Plans:

  • Accurate signalling
  • Smoothing some track transitions
  • AI in Quick Drive Scenarios
  • Additional Scenery Elements




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